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Spicy Tasting Kit

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BHUT RED CHOCOLATE ML106:Cream of Bhut Jolokia Chocolate"snake pepper"in the Assamese language with a dark color and persistent aroma, the flavor is very
particular as it contains several notes, it goes from sweet to smoked up
flavored with chocolate. The spicy effect is initially defined as a surprise
he feels no burning sensation then suddenly releases all the violence
of capsaicin.

NDUJA DI SPILINGA ML212:'Nduja is the most famous Calabrian product, with a unique and decisive taste, made with pork and chilli.

HABA CALABRA ML106:Sauce based on Habanero chocolate and Calabrian citrus fruits (lemons,
oranges, bergamots).

THE CREAM OF MAGA MORICH ML106:It has a marked spiciness and is made with
Naga Morich chilli. It is an artisanal product to be used as an accompaniment to cheeses, to enrich croutons or in small doses to enhance the taste of
gravies, sauces and dressings.

FIREWORKS:Mixed vegetables makes a simple bruschetta a delicacy from
simple but intense taste.


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