Parmigiana di melanzane alla Calabrese

Calabrese aubergine parmigiana

Calabrian aubergine parmigiana. Ingredients
1 kg of aubergines
100g of mozzarella
800ml of tomato puree
200g of cooked ham
1 tablespoon of Calabrian 'nduja
1 red onion from Tropea
2 boiled eggs
Fresh basil to taste
Grated Parmesan to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste

How to make Calabrian eggplant parmigiana

To make this exquisite Calabrian parmigiana, you must first prepare the aubergines:wash them under running water, remove the stalk and dry them with kitchen paper, then cut them into medium-thick slices.

Finely chop the Tropea red onion and let it fry in a saucepan with a few spoonfuls of oil, add the tomato purée and adjust with a pinch of salt. Add some water, a few basil leaves and cook over low heat for 40 minutes.

Heat plenty of extra virgin olive oil in a large pan, fry the aubergine slices and once cooked, place them delicately on absorbent paper.

To prepare the parmesan dish, follow this procedure:spread a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce on the bottom of the pan, then add the fried aubergines, the diced mozzarella and cooked ham, the Calabrian 'nduja, the sliced ​​hard-boiled eggs and finally plenty of grated cheese. We create several layers by repeating the process, until all the ingredients are used up.

Bake the Calabrian parmigiana in a preheated oven at 200° for at least 40 minutes, until it turns golden and crunchy on the surface. Serve warm, good even at room temperature.

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